Break Time

I really hate making this post because there have been moments when I’ve wanted to just disappear and not say anything. And if I had not taken these pictures last night I wouldn’t worry about making this post. Because of recent situations that I’ve had to endure, I’ve decided to take a break from IMVU and IMVU’s Pulse. I know there are fashion shows coming up and if anyone would like to use me, I wouldn’t mind modeling for you all while I’m on break. I think I’m coming closer and closer to the end of virtual reality in my life. It has taken up a lot of time I could have been using to better myself as I battle Anxiety and Depression. Anyway, I’m not leaving IMVU just yet and this is not a goodbye. This is an “I’ll see you later” and while I’m gone I wish you all the best in the upcoming weeks/months. You all will be missed and you all are loved. Thanks for everything! And if you don’t mind continue to pray for me as I try to progress.



8 thoughts on “Break Time

  1. Bear! You are one of my favorite people i have ever met (real life as well) and have come the closest at having gone through the same things I have. When I see these words I see myself as well. The virtual world is just an illusion to shield our eyes from what we don’t want to see at the moment or just simply give us something to do so we dont go crazy of boredom lol. But! when it starts to get too hard for us to see why the hell we still come around imvu I believe that’s a cue that we need to take seriously. I don’t blame you for wanting to step back into your life. I just hope that IMVU has also taught you things about yourself and the way people really are because the lies and the deceit don’t stop when you get offline. The only thing people in real life can’t lie about is wtf they look like. I just pray that you stay strong and build on to that strength in God because he is the only one that can make it okay! I love you more than I can tell you ♥ Your lil sis Coco Butters lol

  2. Although I do believe everyone needs to find a happy balance between virtual and real world… I still don’t like this post… What am I suppose to tell ShaQuan, TequilaShon, Marcuisha, and the rest of em???

    I ♥ Marcus and wish you happiness wherever you may find it 🙂

  3. Yea, and I haven’t been able to find that balance because of what I’ve been dealing with since 09′. I’m not going away forever and you can inbox me geesh! Lol! And I still will spend time with our lil ones. Lmao! Thanks Gia! Love ya too! 🙂

  4. 😮 Just now reading this and I’ma miss my HoneyBunchesOfOats ♥♥♥ whenever you decide to kick IMVU to the curb. I’ll be praying for you and I hope God will heal your mind, heart, and soul as you battle anxiety, depression, and what ever else your going through. And Like caoimhelionheart said “cherish yourself,” because you’ve only got one life to live, so make the most of it ! -Love, Leeyah.

    • I’m missin you too. I’ve kinda cheated this week by posting and commenting so much. Thanks so much for your prayers, they’re greatly appreciated! Yes, that’s true @ cherishing myself. I’m just taking a break from IMVU for now but I’ve been tempted to make a new blog post just because. Lol! Thanks so much for you encouraging words PBSN!!! I love ya!

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