Obama 2012


Hey Everyone! I know I’m a couple of days late but as we all know Barack Obama has been re-elected as President of The United States. Whether or not you agree with the outcome of the election, he is the President. As for my opinion (because it’s my blog. Lol!) I’m very happy and I think that this term will be great for our country. I think this election might have been more important than the last and I say that because the minority voters have risen and it’s showing a  real change in America. I believe that the Government will become tighter as a whole for the benefit of the country. It has to because everyone is hurting believe it or not. What I don’t like about this election is the mass racism that has been shown. Yes it has been shown in a broad range the past four years but it just seems to get worse. It’s sad that the progress we’ve made as a country with race relations have moved backwards to a time some of us never thought it would. But on a lighter note the youth of this country is amazing and showed up to the polls ready to make their voices heard! I love it! With all of the ups and downs I can say that I am hopeful of progress in the country and I’m proud to be an American! 🙂

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