I’ve been thinkin’…

Creating or developing on IMVU is an opportunity to express yourself to others, earn credits, and even make real money. But also with creating comes critics, haters, pride, and disappointment. I’m not saying that everyone experiences all of these things but lately it seems a lot of people are. One thing that bothers me about creating especially coming from someone who isn’t a Graphic Artist Student or Graphic Arts Degree holder, is so many criticizing those who put forth an effort and work hard at creating products. Some people get a high off of dishing out negativity and spewing out hatred because of their own insecurities or issues. For those who may have more knowledge on graphic arts and/or creating, how about you try and help others instead of showing your ass and being so egotistical about your own products? Anybody can criticize but those who give back to others (in my mind) are special and unselfish. Now I know some people may not have the patience for teaching, but put forth an effort to do something. Even if it’s just giving some developers suggestions or tips to make their products better. Do something positive instead of dishing out negative comments. Remember no one was on top since the beginning and some of you received help. Anyway, that’s just some shit I’ve been thinking about lately. Hope you all enjoy your weekend! 🙂


4 thoughts on “I’ve been thinkin’…

  1. Love this post ! I’m not the best dev but I do help those out with things I do know how to do. Helping isn’t 2nd nature to everyone but if you have time to insult someone else’s work then you have time to help them improve

  2. Absolutely agree with this post. people are too high on their horses to realize at the end of the day this website isn’t about who is better than the next person. ART (as a developer myself) has no form or style or shape or specific look. So to put down another person for their way of expression is utter hypocrisy. Unfortunately i have no patience to tutor and I am actually a developer who had to struggle back in 07 to learn on my OWN without help from anyone. I’ve managed to do well on my own. for the many others trying to get a head start in creating just learn to block out the negatives, they feed off of the core attention which comes from YOU. If no one else is helping you, shrug it off, suck it up and check out the nearest tutorials to better for your own benefit not someone else.

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