Bored.Org Don’t Call This Shii A Comeback


Don’t call this shit a comeback…cause I ain’t never leave! Hello fellow bloggers and supporters! I’m back-ish…I never left I just wasn’t inspired to blog anything. Anyway, I have a little bit of info about myself that I’m going to talk about. I have decided to take a break from Second Life because of several reasons. Some I will not talk about because it’s really not worth talking about and some I will. As most of you all know, if not all, Second Life is very expensive and can be very dull if you don’t have the finances to have fun. Now, because I have an independent mentality, I’m not one to ask for anything and I really like figuring or doing things on my own. On Second Life it’s not taboo for some people to stay with friends and/or family but for me, I’d rather have my own space and freedom to do as I want and please. Because I’m not in that position and because of my love of fashion and eclectic style, I can’t continue to be a part of the SL community right now. Now, with that being said, I’m not quitting SL or anything like that but I joined at a time when I probably should have just waited. But I will be back at some point in the near future. I will however continue to keep in contact via this blog, my SL Facebook, and IMVU (for those who are on there too). Anyway, I wish you all a great, successful and prosperous New Year! Until next time, Peace, Love, and Blessings!

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